Theft of Materials Policy

Mae S. Bruce Library

Theft of Materials Policy

 To protect the investment in Library materials made by taxpayers, as patrons leave the Library, staff may conduct random examinations of bulky clothing, bookbags, backpacks, briefcases, and other large containers brought into the Library.  Any uncharged items will be returned to the circulation desk to be charged out.  If staff believes that, due to the large volume of materials and/or value of materials, theft was intended, the police will be immediately notified.  Vandalism of Library materials will also be reported to the police.

 Signs indicating that personal items may be examined will be posted at the entrance and inside the Library. For space-needs considerations, as well as limited security, after-school students should leave backpacks, bookbags, large containers such as band instruments, etc., in the front foyer and take only the items needed for their study/research into the main library.  The Library will exercise caution with items left in the front foyer but cannot assume responsibility for loss or theft.

Theft of and failure to return library materials and, mutilation or vandalism of library materials, will be dealt with according to provisions cited in Ordinance #19-2008 of the City of Santa Fe, Texas, Chapter 7, Personnel, Code of Ordinances, Section 7, Library, Subsection F.

 Reviewed and Approved by the Library Advisory Board July 7, 2010

Approved by the Santa Fe City Council August 12, 2010



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