Collection Services Policy

Mae S. Bruce Library

Collection Services Policy

 The Mae S. Bruce Library now uses a materials recovery vendor, Unique Management Services, to collect outstanding overdue items on the library’s behalf. Customer accounts are sent to the agency in the following circumstances:

 1)     Overdue material is 55 days overdue and,

 2)       Cost of replacing the overdue materials plus any outstanding fines for the materials totals $25.00 or more. 

Customers are notified by the library regarding overdue items via telephone and/or email at 3 days and 15 days overdue and, a postcard at 30 days overdue.  On the 40th day overdue, a invoice/notice for replacement of the overdue material plus fines and fees owed on the material is mailed to the address listed in the customer’s library account. At 55 days overdue, the customer account is sent to Unique Management, and an additional non-refundable fee of $10 is added to the customer account to pay for the services of the materials recovery agency.

Unique Management contacts customers with delinquent accounts until the account balances are at zero. Once an account balance has been resolved, the library will communicate the account status change to the collection agency within 24 hours.

Unique Management follows this schedule when corresponding with customers:

             Material 55 days overdue – Letter 1 mailed

             76 days overdue – Letter 2 mailed

             90 – 113 days overdue = Initial Phone Call

             120 days overdue – Letter 3 mailed

             134 – 146 days overdue – Second  Phone Call

             175 – 206 days overdue –Credit Reported

 A customer’s account will be reported to the national credit reporting agencies if no payment arrangements are made within 175-206 days from the date the items were due.

 The Mae S. Bruce Library offers its customers several ways to manage accounts to avoid delinquency:

BEFORE the items are overdue, customers can access MY ACCOUNT at to renew items 24/7;    

Customers may renew library materials in person, or over the phone, during regular business hours unless the item is on hold for someone else; or,

Customers can return materials 24/7 through the library’s outdoor Book Depository located to the right (East) side of the main Library Entry doors.

Bankruptcy Policy

Customers who have filed bankruptcy may provide documentation to Unique Management Services or directly to the library. Customers with a discharged bankruptcy case will have late fines and fees waived. Non-returned items must still be returned, or replacement costs must be paid. The library will be glad to make arrangements for a payment schedule if needed.

Contact Us

Questions?  Contact the library by email at or, by phone at 409.925.5540 during regular business hours.

Please send all related mailings to the Mae Bruce Library at PO Box 950, Santa Fe, TX  77510  

Reviewed and Approved by the Library Advisory Board – July 2, 2014



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