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“Library card means a card or plate issued by a library facility for purposes of identifying the person to whom the library card was issued as authorized to borrow library material, subject to all limitations and conditions imposed on such borrowing by the library facility issuing such card.” (City of Santa Fe Ordinance #19-2008, Chapter 7-Personnel, Section 7-Library, Subsection F-1: Definitions)


A properly authorized library card must be presented at checkout in order to remove items from the library premises. To qualify for a library card an applicant must be eighteen (18) years or older and present 1) a photo ID (TDL or TID) and 2) proof of their current Galveston County address. Any qualifying resident, employee, or property owner in Galveston County may obtain a library card.


Persons aged fifteen (15) years and younger must be assigned or linked to the account of a responsible person more than 18 years of age.  The responsible adult must be present at the time of application and present the identification information listed above. The responsible adult will be responsible for the appropriateness of materials and for payment of any and all charges incurred on that account.


No person shall abuse a library card issued by the library. Abuse of a library card shall consist of any of the following acts:

  1. Obtaining or attempting to obtain a library card by means of false identification or address.
  2. Using or attempting to use a library card without the permission of the person to whom it was issued.  
  3. Using or attempting to use a library card which has been revoked.



Persons aged sixteen (16) through seventeen (17) years and those adult persons who cannot present the two forms of identification may obtain a temporary, one-time use account number. The temporary account will allow check-out of no more than 2 items, not including any audio-visual materials.



Non-resident fee - waived by the Library Advisory Board (April, 2001).  


The Library will issue TexShare Cards according to the eligibility requirements listed in the current TexShare Lending Policy.


Texas residents may use a current TexShare Card, duly issued by their home library, to check out materials per the Library’s current TexShare Lending Policy.




With the following exceptions, most circulating items may be checked out for up to three (3) weeks:

  • Entertainment videos & DVDs: 2 days
  • Educational DVDs: 7 days
  • Best sellers/high interest/New: 10 days
  • Defensive Driving DVDs: 7 days
  • Music CDs: 10 days
  • Driver’s Education books: 6 weeks



Any circulating item may be reserved.  The patron will be notified, either by  phone or email, when the reserved item has been returned and is ready for pick-up.  Patron has three (3) working days to pick up the item.  With the exception of items on reserve, all items may be renewed at least once by phone, online, or in person.



Books: 3 per author, 3 per Dewey call number, or 3 bestsellers


Audiovisual material: 3 for each type of item (i.e. 3 VHS videos, or 2 VHS video and 1 DVD video, or 3 audio books).


With the exception of videos, children through age 17 years, unless otherwise instructed in writing by parents/legal guardian, have access to all collections.



Fines may be assessed on all materials not returned to the library by the due date.  Fines differ for regular and special materials.


Regular print material may accrue fines at up to $0.10 per day the library is open after the due date with a maximum fine of up to the full cost of the item or $10.00, whichever is less.  Audio books may accrue fines at up to $0.50 per day with a $10.00 maximum per audio book. Driver education books and Interlibrary Loans may accrue fines at up to $1.00 per day, no maximum per item. (A fee for failure to pick-up ILL items or, return postage costs, may be incurred.)  High interest, best sellers, and ‘new’ books may accrue fines at up to $0.25 per day, maximum of $5.00 per item.


Entertainment and educational videos/DVDs may accrue fines at up to $2.00 per day/per video/DVD - $10.00 maximum per video/DVD.  Defensive Driving videos may accrue fines at up to $15.00 per day/per video set/DVD set - $45.00 maximum per video/DVD set.


Deposit collection items from lending libraries will accrue fees and fines at the same rate as similar items in the library’s own collection.


LOST OR DAMAGED LIBRARY OWNED ITEMS: The fee for lost or damaged items is the list price of the item plus any non-refundable processing fees and fines owed.  Limited refunds may be made within one year when the found item is returned in usable condition, as determined by staff, and accompanied by the Library issued receipt.    The damaged item is the property of the Mae S. Bruce Library. Replacement materials may not be accepted in lieu of payment.


LOST OR DAMAGED NON-LIBRARY OWNED ITEMS (i.e. Interlibrary Loan items, deposit collection items, etc.): The fees and fines for lost or damaged non-library owned items is set by the lending institution. In addition to costs assessed by the lending institution, non-refundable processing fees and/or fines may be assessed by this library. Failure to return materials or to pay outstanding fees in a timely manner may result in the suspension and/or cancellation of borrowing privileges with the Mae S. Bruce Library.



Lost or damaged library cards may be replaced for a fee of up to $2.00 per card.



To ensure the protection of city assets, the City Council of the City of Santa Fe has established regulations for the theft of and failure to return library materials, including the offense of mutilation or vandalism of library materials. City Ordinance #19-2008 establishes definitions for the offense of library theft, notification provisions, and penalties upon conviction of library theft. (City of Santa Fe Ordinance #19-2008, Chapter 7, Personnel, Code of Ordinances, Section 7, Library, Subsection F)


BLOCKS: All borrowers' cards may be blocked from further use when $1.00 in unpaid fines and/or charges has been accrued.  All cards in a household having the same address may be blocked.


COPYRIGHT NOTE: The library patron is responsible for obeying all applicable copyright laws in using library materials. Audiovisual materials are licensed for home use only, unless otherwise noted on the container.



With the exception of checking materials in or out, certain services provided at the Circulation Desk (i.e. setting up new library accounts, making replacement cards, photocopying, etc.) are available during regular business hours up to fifteen (15) minutes before closing time (5:45pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday; 7:45pm on Thursday; and 1:15pm on Saturday).


Reviewed and Approved by the Library Advisory Board – July 7, 2010

Approved by Santa Fe City Council – August 12, 2010




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